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Knowing His Story

Deepen your relationship with Christ and influence in the world by knowing Scripture and giving it authority in your life. All Sunday School classes meet at 10:00 am in the classrooms.

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Room: 214/215

This is a Bible-based class that studies different books of the Bible with a focus on understanding the Bible from the standpoint of the early church and then applying it to the world in which we live. The class is focused on developing a solid prayer life and walking through this life the way that Jesus did. Members are adults all ages.


Room: 209

This class is lecture orientated and uses the Adult Bible Series curriculum with rotating teachers. This is a very loving and supportive class that also enjoys lively class discussion! Class members are mostly seniors but they heartily welcome anyone who wishes to learn with them.


Room: 216

This class is discussion-based with focus on current issues using biblical guidance. The class is primarily taught by DeDee Clarey, one of our Lay Speakers, with the help of other class members when needed. Members range from the age of 30+ to the “Finish Line” and work together in many different activities in the church.


New Life Christian

Room: 212

This class focuses on spiritual growth and life application of Biblical principles, with additional periods of study geared towards developing a deeper understanding of the Bible. The class strives to provide a strong foundation for an active Christian life. Class members range from 30’s to 50’s and are involved in many areas of the church.

Refiner’s Fire

Room: 210

This class thrives on honesty, openness and reality in our walk with Christ. Led voluntarily by it’s class members, weekly discussions range from Bible study to current events. This class supports each other through prayer and a presence in each other’s lives. Class members are mostly young married couples with young children.

New Beginnings

Room: 206

This class typically studies a devotional type curriculum with an emphasis on applying Christian principles to real world situations and is very conversational with much discussion among the members of the class. The class works to build a community within the group and is active in many organizations and committees within the church. Class members are mostly married between the ages of 35– 50 with children ages preschool to high school.

**This class is hoping to offer a Sunday School option for those who wish to meet in person during our limited operations due to Covid. All adults are welcome and they are meeting in the Berean Sunday School room at 9:30am.**

Irene Cely Class

Room: 207/208

This class uses the Adult Bible Series curriculum and is taught by Peggy Dulaney with the help of several other gifted teachers. If you are interested in a class that studies the bible, actively supports the ministries of Bethesda, reaches out to meet the needs of the community, has an active prayer ministry and enjoys fellowship with one another so much that the class president has to ring a goat bell to call the class to order, then the Irene Cely Class is the one for you! Class members range from teenagers to 90’s.

**The Irene Cely Sunday School Class is livestreamed on Facebook Sundays at 8:30am for those that cannot attend in person. Use this link to tune in:

Adventures in Faith

Room: 213

This class is a Bible-based and issues-oriented class with focused discussion and application of the Word to everyday living. Service and prayer are central to this group. Class members are at or near retirement age.

Common Ground College & Career Class

Room: 205

This class is for young adults who have graduated high school or are of equivalent age, those currently in college and those that are just working on life! Jesse Burdett leads this class.